The journey to becoming a mother for the first time or the fifth, is a sacred experience.

Modern society tells us that this is a time to celebrate the baby and their impending arrival, which is beautiful. However, we believe that it shouldn’t be at the expense of the mama.

Something incredible happens when women come together to share and celebrate each other. We believe in blessing the mama into this space, bringing the women who matter most to her together, and calling on the ancestral wisdom within to lovingly celebrate this rite of passage.

Through creating my own sacred version of the mama blessing, I felt called to pair up with someone special in my life to deliver the most beautiful experience. I have enlisted the help of a sacred woman in my life, Kim McKenna, my beautiful mother. She is a creative nurturing goddess, filled with lines of mother wisdom, she is a wise woman, and I know you’ll love her contribution to these sacred ceremonies.

Together we weave our magic into a relaxed and sacred women's circle to honour the pregnant woman in your life. We connect, share stories, set intentions and wishes for the mama to be.

Our intention is to bring together the mama-to-be’s circle of sisterhood, connecting and sowing the seeds of her village that support this sacred celebration. It is our hope that you and the special woman in your life will walk away from this experience changed in the most beautiful way.

Connected, filled with love, overflowing with gratitude and united in love and support for the mama.

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