I connected with Kate as part of my training with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She was compassionate, understanding and open. She held space for me beautifully, and made me feel incredibly supported. Kate taught me lots during our time together and I walked away from our coaching journey feeling more ready to embark on the next stage of my life and coaching business. I'm so grateful for the experience of working with her!

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Working with Kate was an amazing experience! I felt like I knew her all my life and her kindness and warmth made me feel at ease from the very first moment. With Kate's help I was gifted clarity and I now know that my dreams will soon be a reality. Learning how to structure my week so I can balance my full time job, self care, my emerging business and events has been life changing. I'll be forever thankful to Kate for her support!

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Blaze Reedy - Blaze Reedy Wellness

Coaching with Kate helped me grow in so many areas of my life. During our time together, I got amazing clarity on the direction I want to go with my business, built my confidence, and learned how to set huge boundaries around my time.
I'm now a lot better at making decisions as I'm clear about where I want to go and have much more awareness of my energy and how to honour and nurture it. Thanks to Kate's support, I now feel like I'm on the correct path. Kate is supportive, open, kind and present and you can tell that she truly listens and cares. I would leave my sessions with her buzzing, and feeling focused.
My feelings of confusion and overwhelm have been have been replaced with confidence, clarity and awareness.

Laura Luck, Copywriter at Poor Richard Copy

Before coaching with Kate my business was kind of a mess. I didn't know how to put systems in place, and I wasn't making time for myself a priority. Thanks to Kate's help, I'm now more assertive, less 'stressy' and I'm taking time out for myself every single day - which is already having a positive impact on my business as well as on me! Kate was calm and kind. She helped me create an actionable plan and guided me through a pretty tough time. I was really impressed with how organised Kate was and how easy she made the whole process.
I loved having someone by my side who was impartial and who I could bounce ideas off. I loved having Kate by my side, to guide me into making choices that felt right for me and my business. I now take much needed and well-deserved time out for myself each day - something my business is definitely benefiting from!


"I really loved my sessions with Kate, they were the highlight of my week and I looked forward to them every time. After a fear of failure holding me back for nearly 2 years from setting up my business, thoughts of failure are now non-existent, I’m ready to launch and couldn’t be more excited about it. Thank you so much, Kate – without you, I don’t think I’d be launching my coaching business this week!"


"When I started coaching with Kate, I was desperate for some clarity and direction in my life. My life often revolved around others and I had found myself in a position where I was not honoring or speaking my truth. I was questioning my purpose and was unsure of my desires. From our first session, Kate really listened to me as a caring and empathetic friend, and provided me with the third-party support I was craving. I finished our session feeling hopeful and excited – I knew my life was about to change for the better.

The biggest change has been connecting with my truth! Before, my life was filled with different specific roles – the good wife, the supportive daughter, the mother/sister, the noble worker and the 'healthy/wellness' friend. All of my relationships were based upon these specific roles and because of this, I had lost sight of who Alysa was. Now, I have a clear idea of who I am and how I feel. I am none of these roles. I just am. My life is much less complicated! One of my closest friends has commented that I seem more relaxed and confident with who I am. Kate’s thoughtful recommendations are exceptional – they have literally changed my life. Kate is a very big and bright GEM who has guided me to live a life filled with more purpose and clarity."


"When I first connected with Kate I was not in a good place. Stress was taking over my life and I felt like I was stuck in a rut, with no way of moving forward and chasing my dreams. At the time, I had this goal of wanting to create my own blog, however there were so many things stopping me from doing so. There were also personal and spiritual goals I had, but I didn't have the courage or confidence to change my situation.
A friend of mine had completed a 6-week program with Kate and I saw such a change in her. In doing so, she actually won an extra session, but asked if she could gift it to me. After our first session, I knew Kate was someone I wanted to work with to try and achieve my goals, to see a shift in my life. She has such a warm and inviting manner about her, it was like I was talking to a friend I had known forever. I felt like Kate could really unpack my feelings about things, and understood what it was that I was trying to reach. Because of this, I felt she would be an amazing coach to invest in.
Going through the first session, I felt Kate really listened intently. She had looked carefully into the questionnaire I had filled out, and she was spot on with the areas I wanted to focus on. I felt as though Kate's beliefs aligned with mine and she had a certain spiritual element I really liked. I could really see that by working with Kate I would continue to feel the positivity and excited vibe I felt, after our first session together.
By the end of the first session, we had set some strong goals in place, with a number of actions that were completely achievable. This made me feel at ease, as opposed to overwhelmed. I felt like this was something I could really do.
My partner and friends have noticed a change in me. I'm much more motivated and I now set goals to achieve things I want to do, however small or big these goals are. I think it has helped me to become even more self-aware and to do things out of love instead of fear. My relationships are going great, with exciting things to come. I have also put things in place to change my career and to create enjoyment out of the things I am truly passionate about. All up, I’d describe my coaching experience with Kate as spiritual, calm, and exciting."



"Since coaching with Kate, people have certainly noticed in the past year I've become a much happier and less irritable person towards them. I feel like one real shift for me is the constant reminder to myself to talk myself out of negative mindsets – such as negative self-talk. Even just the realisation of my patterns helps as I can now acknowledge their presence and talk myself down from them. I’ve changed my outlook towards relationships, have been working on forgiving people from my past, and have also tried to live a little more genuinely to myself. All in all, I’d describe my coaching experience with Kate as inspiring, comforting and nurturing. Thank you, Kate, for being awesome!"



"When I first connected with Kate, I’d just gone through a relationship breakdown and had made the decision to have a baby by myself. I had made an appointment to see a psychologist, however there was something not quite sitting right with the decision. I didn't want to just talk about what was going on with me, I knew I needed to work to achieve my goals and I wanted an action plan.
I came across Kate via instagram and her words resonated with me. I have always cringed at the words "life coach", however Kate seemed different. Once we had talked, I knew I’d made the right decision.
By the end of our first session, I was happy that I had an action plan that I was going to be accountable for. I also realised I had Kate’s support, which is different than a family member or friend as it provides more assurance. I was very apprehensive about my goals and journey but Kate’s confidence was encouraging.
To my friends and family, I’m always positive and happy, so I don’t think they realised how big the shift in me really was, although they did realise I was happier. For me, the biggest change has been my belief that I can manifest anything I want. If I shift positive energy to where I need and want it to go, amazing things will happen. This isn't magic, it takes work and energy but when I apply it, the results are magical.
I really enjoyed seeing results, and when we applied a % of how I was feeling next to my goals and seeing the shift (no matter how small) every fortnight, this was hugely encouraging. Overall, I’d describe my coaching experience with Kate as positive, powerful, and healing. "


"When I first connected with Kate I was very disconnected from my wellness journey. I needed a serious jolt of inspiration to get me back on track. I was also putting a lot of pressure on myself to do things a certain way. I was trying to achieve a number of goals but had no path or idea how to get there. I was struggling to make change and completely unaware that I'd slipped into bad habits.

After the first session I had a huge surge of empowerment and inspiration. I had purpose and tangible steps towards my goals, which was incredible! I also felt very relaxed and comfortable. Kate has a very easing nature.

The biggest thing I took away from coaching with Kate was to not put so much pressure on myself to get where I want to be and just enjoy the ride! I didn't think this was an issue but it was dictating my life! I feel much more at ease now than ever before. I also feel like I have more purpose.

Kate is a fantastic coach, she's certainly found her calling. Her energy radiate, as does her love and care for her clients. Which is equally incredible and inspiring."



"I had wasted so many years, months, days, living a mediocre life and since working with Kate that has finally come to an end. She has made such a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for that everyday. Before coaching with Kate I was trying to connect with myself, create better relationships with my body and food, and get the negative inner chatter under control. I really wanted to start living my life to it's full potential!
I felt like I’d tried everything and this was my last resort. I hoped that working with Kate would allow me to learn, and grow and that I would get the chance to feed off her positive energy. Before we started I was really nervous, but Kate put me to ease with her warm, friendly nature and I felt comfortable talking to her without any judgment.
I feel at peace with the world, and really enjoy the little things now. I used to roll out of bed and take half the day to wake up, but now I’m excited about waking up and embracing the new day.  My loved ones have also commented on how much they’ve seen a positive change in me. They are always saying how positive I am, and that I seem so much happier and more ‘bouncy!’
Through our coaching series I changed habits and learned new information that I will continue to work on for the rest of my life. It was exactly what I needed!"

Madonna Williams – Zen Soul Life

"Kate is one of those extraordinary humans. She is a delicious combination of joy, honesty, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. Working with Kate is a dream! Kate is impeccably organised, gorgeously presented, 100% reliable and always radiating a relaxed, warm and loving persona. Her attention to detail, artistic flair and passionate approach really set her apart as an outstanding, authentic professional. Kate lives and breathes the core values of Yoga philosophy and the Yogic lifestyle. We feel blessed that she chooses to be apart of our community and we align so truthfully."



"After Kate’s workshop I felt really free.  Journaling is something I have loved doing in the past, but hadn't found the time to pick it up again.
When the workshop begun, I had no idea what I would write about but with the tools Kate provided, I began writing with ease. Kate said we needed to write three pages, and there was a time limit, and that made me a little nervous, butbefore I knew it, I was three pages in and wanting more!
The thoughts, feelings and memories came flooding out and I fell in love with journaling all over again. Kate really listens and understands, and was so open about her struggles that it encouraged me to feel open about mine. I felt close to her right away.
Kate’s workshop taught me to trust myself a little bit more, and that in some way I always have the answers within me. I happily refer my friends to Kate, and looks forward to working with her again soon! "

Angela Simson – The Gratitude Project

"I was drawn to Kate. Even through not knowing her, I knew I had to connect somehow.  From afar she radiated kindness, softness and a sweet essence that forced me to say “hey, that girl and I should be friends”. So I reached out to her and I’ve been grateful for her everyday since. Kate has a way of drawing out the good in people, and making them realise not only their potential, but what they already possess on the inside. Somehow she does this by simply listening, holding space and making it feel like the most incredible space you’ve ever been in. Safe, secure and loving.   
On a personal level, she’s tough. She’ll take on any challenge life throws at her and make it her lesson. Somehow it doesn’t make her hard, she maintains a softness as though her wisdom prepared her for it all. She’s an absolute incredible friend, soul sister, coach and woman. When I’m around Kate, I focus on becoming the best version of myself possible, because that’s how she lives every single day."



"Kate your energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  Your presentations have inspired me to be totally in the moment and reassess my alignment with who I am ‘being’.  I have rediscovered journaling and am enjoying the experience of transferring thoughts into action through the transfer of pen to paper.  You are such a vibrant, compassionate, caring soul and your passion for coaching is evident in all your work and play. "