We inspire conscious change, by empowering women with the resources and skills for thriving health and unlimited abundance. 


We believe that the more money we can get into the hands of people doing great things in the world, the better! Maybe that’s you?

And just in case you’ve been wondering, you’re perfect as you are… 


Your arrival here in the Conscious Collective at this time isn't by chance.

You're here because you're ready. 

Maybe you're ready to make a small change that will have a greater impact on your life, or maybe you're ready to impact the many. Whatever your vision, we’re here to support you. 

Loving and accepting you where you’re at, and supporting you to create an extra stream of income online is what we do. With a proven system, and unlimited support you are set up to succeed from the beginning

What do you need?

It might be too cheesy to say an internet connection and a dream, so let’s go with this… 

  • To be ready and willing to learn

  • A commitment to yourself to show up for your goals regularly

  • Speaking of goals, it’s great to have one! What would you love to create with the Conscious Collective and Gratitude Gang


How do the Gratitude Gang and
the Conscious Collective fit together? 

The Gratitude Gang is like our mother ship, our big guiding light of heart centred women.
The Conscious Collective is a community within that. 


If you want to know more, or if there is even the slightest part of you that knows life could be better. If you don’t feel like you’re currently living in alignment with your values. If you desire more abundance, we want to connect with you. What we have, could be exactly what your heart has been calling for!

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